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tea-house-crab-leg-closed tea-house-crab-oct-roof-ground tea-house-crab-oct-roof

20170223_16080020170223_160749Currently in the build phase and slated to roll out for the upcoming VBC, Crows Foot Creatives is honored to be collaborating with City Repair and Mark Lakeman on the Tea Crab. This bike powered mobile tea space is intended to become a place-making device.

As an addition the Tea Horse’s Fleet, the tea crab is a bike cart that metamorphosizes into an awning and meeting space. Herein, gathers are drawn to free home crafted teas like bees to nectar, and a lush pillowed environment is available to just be and breath, to share and reflect.

As a pedal vehicle with power assist, it has the ability to squeeze into parks and space that the Tea Horse was to truck like to be invited, a perfect compendium.

My personal interest in the project:

My dance with City Repair has been a distance appreciation over years that I knew would someday end in collaboration. As so many have noted, the Tea Horse and Pony have created a mythology that has inspired me and so many others to just be, to let go for a moment and enjoy the space that it creates. The Tea crab appeals to me in the sense that it is a creature that brings it’s home everywhere. Its sheltering arms have the ability to go to fields, parks, and centers where only foot power can take you, and spread its shelter and whim to those that need a break, a hot beverage, and a place to connect to others. Its distinct bike identity really brings together bike culture and accessibility to place making.

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