Gampo Abbey

Building Merit

October 2013-December 2015 :


(if you look through the trees, you can see the abbey)


Crows Foot Creatives was put on ice for two years (in Cape Breton ice is not in short supply). Having packed up the shop, I served Gampo Abbey, a Buddhist monastery in Nova Scotia Canada, as head of their facilities. I enjoyed the benefits of Buddhist monastic life, and unleashed a flurry of improvements on the property. But, my main job there was to take it down a notch, breath, and enjoy the natural beauty around me. FAT CHANCE! It was non-stop building legistal maddness! an hour over treacherous mountain passes hanging on the cliffsides of Highlands National Park to get even a single screw.  It was, however, a good chance to hone my planning skills, and I fell in love with the land, found a rhythm of life that taught me many things about building and living. Thanks Gampo Abbey for all the lessons, and sunsets, so many sunsets!!



Walk way for Pema Chodron

When I arrived, we were scratching our heads on how to avoid having Pema Chodron, our  esteemed teacher, using the drive way in the winter, as it turns into a luge track in the winter. This 120 foot walk way seems to be doing the trick.

Following, are smatterings of life and projects there:

dscf0162 dscf0170 img_20151124_114940 img_20151124_114956  img_20151204_103505

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