Past works

‘Votive zen style table,’. CVG fur and tropical hards %100 reclaimed SOLD:

 DSCF2662 DSCF2685 

‘Untitled Chess table’. Inlay mahogany, brass, aluminium, forged steel SOLD:il_430xN.87627427 DSCF2723 DSCF2722

‘Lilly of the valley’. Forged steel, glass SOLD.

DSCF2728 DSCF2727

‘Bamboo end table’. %100 Reclaimed bamboo SOLD.

(Images soon to come)

‘Blue Bell’. Forged steel, glass SOLD.

'Blue bell' 22in Forged steel, glass SOLD

‘Blue bell’ 22in Forged steel, glass SOLD

‘Apothicary’. %100 reclaimed bamboo and mixed wood SOLD.

(Images soon to come)

‘Untitled Lamp’. Shade by Hiih Gallery. Forged Steel, paper SOLD.

'Orcid 2,' 7in Forged steel. SOLD

‘Orcid 2,’ 7in Forged steel. SOLD

‘Its alive!’. Forged steel SOLD:

This piece is notable because its the first thing I made with my very own forge, awwww cute.

Forged coat hanger
Forged coat hanger

‘Oregon Aquarium homage’. plexi-glass, pipe fittings SOLD.

I came across about 800 pounds of SUPER thick plexi-glass surplus from when they were building the jelly-fish exhibit at the Oregon Aquarium. Love this stuff!

This table was made with glass from the Oregon Aquarium and retro pipe fittings.

This table was made with glass from the Oregon Aquarium and retro pipe fittings.

Salmon For the Sandy

In 2007 Western Rivers Conservancy commissioned me to adorn three fibreglass fish to sell at an auction at the Portland Art Museum to raise $$$ to take out the only dam on the Sandy river. True to form, I did more then just paint the things. I hacked heads off, cut to pieces, drilled holes in, welded bikes into, attached electronics and totally transformed these fish into art. Thanks to our efforts and the efforts of countless others the Sandy river now runs free!

‘Like a fish needs a bicycle’  Painted plexi-glass, steel, bike SOLD:

‘Memories’ Mixed media SOLD:

At the last minuet the WRC asked me and Jenn Rawling to bust out another one. This fish has back lit slides of people’s memories and is adorned with wicked metal spikes(my idea).

‘Fish bones’, not that creative, but it SOLD!:

Its amazing what will sell for a good cause. Actually, it was kind-a-cool. Lets face it kids, fish bones are funny.

fish bones fish bones at museum


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